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Tune-up that radio dial - its the Radio ECMA Podcast presented by TD! Hosted by Chris Batstone in St. John’s, NL the Radio ECMA podcast is produced by the East Coast Music Association and recorded by Imaging by Guido. From songwriting to stage, we discover what makes music happen in Atlantic Canada. Chris Batstone is a 30-year veteran of radio with a passion for stories behind the music and voice over artist with an international clientele. Hailing from Grand Falls/Windsor, NL he has also been in ECMA nominated bands Drive, The Punters, and Kelly Russell & The Planks. Chris also operates Imaging By Guido ( which makes marketing materials for entertainment events.The East Coast Music Association develops, advances, and celebrates East Coast Canadian music, its artists, and its industry professionals throughout the region and around the world. We advocate for our members to ensure they can sustain music careers while based in Canada’s Atlantic region.The Radio ECMA Podcast with host Chris Batstone is produced by the East Coast Music Association, recorded at Imaging by Guido in St. John’s,, supported by TD, Music by Cassie Man, for more information on upcoming episodes head to or find us on socials at east coast music. Join us monthly. Thanks for listening.
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